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We're unlocking the secrets of the microcirculation 



Increase patient and research efficiency. Let us provide fast analysis of big data sets using our automatic MicroTools™ software.

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Become a part of the leading network within microcirculation, and join us on our quest to unlock the goings on in the most fascinating organ in our bodies.

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Whether you are a scientist or a clinician, have limited or vast experience, we will advise you on how you reach your targets whit-in the field of microcirculation. 

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Read the latest and most important goings on in the field of microcirculation, automatic software, Handheld Vital Microscopes, research and clinical experiences.


Validations and descriptive papers: 


  • MicroTools™ - important validation: Hilty MP, Guerci P, Ince Y, Toraman F, Ince C. MicroTools enables automated quantification of capillary density and red blood cell velocity in handheld vital microscopy. Nat Res Commun Biol 2019; 2: 217.Download pdf

  • MicroTools™ - New discoveries in microcirculation mechanisms: Hilty MP,  Akin S, Boerma C, Donati A, Erdem O, Giaccaglia P, Guerci P, Milstein D, Montomoli J, Toraman F, Uz Z, Veenstra G, Ince C. Automated algorithm analysis of sublingual microcirculation in an international multicentral database identifies alterations associated with disease and mechanism of resuscitation. Critical Care Med Oct;48(10):e864-e875 DOI:10.1097/CCM.0000000000004491). Read article

  • MicroTools™ - New microcirculation discovery in critically ill: Hilty M, Ince C Microtools to identify and resuscitate microcirculatory dysfunction in critically Ill Patients. 2020 ICU Management and Practice Vol20 Issue 3:218-220. Download PDF

Our Mission

Senior team

Can Ince Founder Active Medical Web.png

Prof Dr Can Ince


Having been unlocking the secrets of the microcirculation since the late 1990´s, our founder is the inventor of the sublingual video microscope, or HVM (Handheld Vital Microscope), that facilitates for in depth analysis of the microcirculation - with endless possibilities.

Husain Kahki Active Medical Web.png

MD Husain Kahki


Our CEO is a rising star on the MedTech scene, working at the interface of data science, primary care innovation and med tech. He has several successful ventures behind him. Our CEO is responsible for our business side, as we work to open up the field of microcirculation for you.

Matthias Hilty Active Medical Web.png

MD Matthias Hilty


Our CTO has coded and co developed our MicroTools™ software for automatic analysis of the microcirculation. A part time mountaineer, and member of the Swiss High Altitude expedition, he has successfully  applied our methodology at more than 7.000 meters above sea level!  

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Matthias Hilty Active Medical Copyright 2.jpg

Dr Matthias Hilty of Active Medical performing a sublingual (under the tongue) monitoring of the microcirculation with real time analysis done by our MicroTools™ software, during the Swiss High Altitude Medical Research Expedition 2013 to Mount Himlung Himalaya, Nepal (7126 m), organised by SwissExped. 

Photo: Private

Our mission

We in Active Medical will do everything in our powers to unlock the microcirculation - for you and with you - and this is how we plan to do it:

Microcirculation vital: It's in the capillaries that we can really see the goings on in our bodies. Often it is here that changes or abnormalities first make their presens if we get sick or ill.


Inventor: In the early 2000´s, our founder Prof Dr Can Ince invented the SDF MedTech that makes it possible to do accurate microcirculation analysis without going through the skin, or drawing blood. This is done with a sublingual (thats under the tongue) handheld video microscope.


600+ papers: The knowledge we have gained and are gaining on the microcirculation, is the basis of everything we are doing, and everything we plan to do. 600+ research papers and counting, are the current validators for the vitality of the microcirculation.


AI: We are further developing our automatic analysis software MicroTools™, developed by our CTO Dr Matthias Hilty, the world's most powerful tool for real time assessment of the microcirculation.


About you: In the medical profession the microcirculation is a new organ for you to analyse in your quest for the success of your patients, your research and your career. We strive to give you everything you need on your mission, so that we together can unlock the microcirculation. 

Ole-Martin Lundefaret Active Medical Web

Ole-Marti Lundefaret


With extensive experience of disruptive marketing for international brands, such as MINI (BMW Gmbh) and VIKING (STIHL Gmbh) our marketing and PR manager will see to it that we stand out from the crowd, and meet your needs for information and service, in our quest to unlock the secrets of the microcirculation.

Yavuz Ahiska .png

Yavuz Ahiska PhD


Elect Eng Birmingham Univ, PhD Loughborogh University, Yavuz is a serial entrepreneur with 9 start ups, 8 exits and counting. Start ups include $1bn market cap Nasdaq listing and 5 Tier1  exits. He is also an inventor with over 25 patents.  

With extensive experience in relevant areas as diverse as optics, software, and cloud gaming, Yavuz is Active Medicals Chief Legal Officer, but as a part of the management team his contributions stretch far and wide.

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