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771 times faster than the fastest human expert

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

To validate our automatic microcirculation analysis software MicroTools™ we put it through its hardest test. We gave a human expert 30 work hours to analyse as many sets of Handheld Vital Microscope (HVM/Sublingual (under the tongue) Video Microscope) images possible. The human expert managed 89 sets. Then we turned the tables.

Our validated automatic analysis software MicroTools™ can analyse the image sets provided by sublingual (thats under the tongue) video microscopes, also called HVM´s, or Handheld Vital Microscopes, and it does it at a rapid pace. When faced with the 89 data sets the leading human expert used 30 work hours to analyse, MicroTools™ not only analysed the image data faster - but more accurate.

Question: How much faster?

Answer: 771 times faster!

The automatic analysis software MicroTools™ did what the human expert managed in 30 work ours, in just 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

In our quest to unlock the microcirculation - thats not an evolution, thats a revolution!

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