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The beauty of a space time diagram...

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

...and how we use it to help you be a hero.

Total Vessel Density, Function Capillary Density, Proportion of Perfused Vessels, Length-weighted Mean Absolute Red Blood Cell count squared are three of the parameters available after our MicroTools™ automatic analysis software has gone through your datasets - and its all based on beautiful things like a time space diagram.

In the image above you can see a systematic drawing of the inner works of our MicroTools™, and how it works to find its parameters. Remembering that a red blood cell is only 6 micron in diameter, and that the smallest capillaries are about 3 micron in diameter - thats 3 thousands of a millimeter, or as thin as a strand of spider web, makes it all even more impressive.

To monitor - in real time - the microcirculation seemed impossible not many years ago. Thanks to our founder Prof Dr Can Ince, and our CTO, MD Matthias Hilty, the impossible is now being done possible at a rapid rate.

The HVM technology, thats the technology of the sublingual (thats under the tongue) video microscope uses to get the imaging needed, in combination with vast progress in software possibilities that has lead to us being able to develop our automatic analysis software MicroTools™, has opened up for possibilities that few dared dream of only a few years back.

And all of this is work we have done to unlock the microcirculation, to help you be a hero.

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