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Top 5: Microcirculation

1) Micro but vital: If light doesn't hit it from the right angle, a single strand of spider web is invisible. It's about 3 micron in diameter. Thats 3 thousands of a millimeter thin. The same as a normal capillary.

2) Micro is major: Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in the human body, but they make up the majority of the microcirculation, which is defined as blood vessels thinner than 20 micron in diameter.

3) Every crook and cranny: 99% percent of the blood vessels in the human body is microcirculation. A network of roads that takes the blood and blood cells to every crook and cranny in the human body.

4) Twice around the earth: Laid out end to end the capillaries of one adult will cover more than 96.000 kilometers. Thats enough to go twice around the globe. And then some.

5) First tell tale signs of sepsis: Changes or abnormalities in the microcirculation are the earliest known tell tale signs of the onset of sepsis, and a great number of other conditions, illnesses and diseases as well. Thats why we are obsessed with the microcirculation.

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